ALC BLOCK PLANT (Aerated Light Weight Concrete Plant)

 AAC Block Plant 100m3 / Day

We are one of professional manufacturers & supplier of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) plants.
To manufacturing AAC Blocks by consuming the Fly-Ash as one of the prime raw material. Fly-Ash, a major raw material with 70% proportion in AAC Blocks, an indispensable by-product of Thermal Power Plants, is an environmental threat across the globe. Power plants are facing an ever increasing challenge disposal of this polluting agent.
AAC is a long proven material. AAC block is used in a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential application.
AAC’s excellent thermal efficiency makes a major contribution to environmental protection by sharply reducing the need for heating and cooling in buildings. AAC Blocks Plant is becoming more and more popular around the world, from western countries and then to developing countries. Below Properties make AAC have unmatchable property, especially for high buildings.

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  Being plant is tailor made its suits to many customer for making workable wrt the market condition &
  investment plan.


  Entire plant is indigenous which makes the customer comfortable for sales service & less dependency on skilled

 Proven Technology

  The working plant is available for customer demonstration to have understanding of the plant.

 Upgrade in technology

  Our core team in touch with latest technology across the glow. We can download any upgrade / improvement
  on real time.

 Energy Saver

  It is an excellent property that makes it an excellent insulator and that means the interior environment is easier
  to maintain. When it is used, there is usually not a need for any supplementary insulation.

 Quick Assembly

  Since it is a lightweight material and easy to work with, the assembly is much quicker and smoother. This
  increases production time when on-site.


  Concrete blocks that are made out of ACC weigh about one-fifth of typical concrete. They are also produced in
  sizes that are easy to handle for quick construction.

 Environmentally Friendly

   When used, it helps to reduce at least 30% of environmental waste as opposed to going with traditional concrete.
  There is a decrease of 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. When possible, using autoclaved aerated concrete
  is a better choice for the environment.