ALC BLOCK PLANT (Aerated Light Weight Concrete Plant)

 ALC Block Plant 20-30m3/ Day

ALC is called as Aerated Light weight concrete. This is very small unit as per client requirement. We can provide plant design, equipments installation, technical instruction, personal training, etc.
ALC blocks are made to aerate by creating a reaction between silica in base material such as Fly ash, Lime, Aluminum powder & Cement.
Aerated concrete blocks used as building material. These green bricks can attain very regular & uniform shapes. As no burning is involved, so the shapes also remain unchanged. It achieves very high thermal energy efficiency due to its very low thermal conductivity. This benefits the saving on heating and cooling costs.

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 Smallest plant with aeration technology

  Aeration Technology makes the block lighter availing the better strength too.

 Space Utilization

  Some of the cities / construction site may not have bigger space. This plant can be accommodate
  to serve the purpose.

 Customized Solution

  Plant is tailor made to adapt the customer requirement based on the market & capitalinvestmen capability.

 Proven Technology

  The working plant is available for customer demonstration to have understanding of the plant.

 Quick Assembly

  Since it is a lightweight material and easy to work with, the assembly is much quicker and smoother.
  This increases production time when on-site.


  Blocks can be easily cut, drilled, nailed, milled and grooved to fit individual requirements.

 Low Maintenance

  Reduces operating cost by 30% to 40%., reduces overall construction cost by 2.5% as it requires
  less jointing and reduces need for cement and steel.

 Faster Construction

  Different sizes of blocks help reduce the number of joints in wall masonry. Lighter blocks make
  construction easier and faster.


  Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block is well known as an environmentally friendly construction material.
  Generates no pollutants / hazardous wastes.