CLC Block Plant 8- 10m3

Cellular Light weight Concrete (CLC) blocks are environment friendly & manufactured from common natural raw material. Gubbi construction machines provide economical construction equipments. This is a small CLC water curing plants suitable for startup companies, builders, suppliers etc. This investment is very less & movable from place to place. It requires minimum plastering & waterproofing. CLC blocks help reduce dead weight of rise buildings. These blocks have lower water absorption.

8 to 10m3 /day – Battery Moulds
Production capacity - 650 -800 blocks/day (10m3)
Land requirement – 3500 sqft shed / 4000 sqft open area.
Electricity consumption – 12 H P/3 phase
Man Power: 10 to 12 nos.

Why should a CLC Block Plant Be Setup?

  • Quick returns
  • Future product for construction industries,
  • Easy to Install,
  • Less competition in market

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     What are its Direct & indirect Advantages?

      Direct Cost Savings using CLC Light Weight Blocks would be Reduction of Steel / Iron for Structural Foundation,
      Savings in Plastering & Mortar & Labor Cost.

      In-Direct Advantages of CLC are in the form of Thermal Insulation, Sound Reduction, Less Water Absorption, etc.